Ultrasonic Spirometry and Pediatric Asthma

Ultrasonic Spirometry and Pediatric Asthma - Prof. Bülent E. Şekerel

A Pediatrics and Pediatric Allergy Specialist for almost two decades, the president of the Turkish National Allergy and Clinical Immunology Society and the head of Hacettepe University’s Pediatric Allergy and Asthma Department, Prof. Bülent Enis Şekerel carries a wealth of knowledge hard to come by when it comes to allergy, asthma and spirometry for children. Recently, Prof. Şekerel made time to discuss his insights from the field and his evaluation of Spirohome solutions for respiratory diseases in children.

Self-management of
the disease is an essential goal

When asked about the diagnosis and prognosis process for patients of respiratory disease as young as three years old, Prof. Şekerel states that there is an inherent challenge in working with young patients, and therefore the precision and usability of clinical diagnostic tools for this patient population becomes crucial. He explains that most patients and their parents present to the clinical with complaints about coughing, restricted breathing, wheezing and an overall unhappiness due to the symptomatic manifestations of the disease. ‘It is our goal to communicate with our patients on a level they can understand, to coach parents about the prescribed treatments and to improve their quality of life by encouraging self management of the respiratory condition’, says Prof. Şekerel.

Spirometry for Objective Analysis

Prof. Şekerel presses on the fact that, ‘Objective analysis of young patients is the only way to move forward and we need use a number of clinical tools where the keystone is spirometry'. He adds, ‘Almost all children over the age of three can adapt to pulmonary function testing techniques and requirements but I personally perform each spirometry test on the patient as there are a number of things I want to observe and control during test as this adds to my confidence when concluding the outcome of my clinical analysis’.

Spirohome is shaping the future of spirometry

Prof. Şekerel believes that the fact that Spirohome spirometers do not require routine calibration, have no moving parts, are low maintenance and have powerful clinical accuracy in a compact device are advantages that will change spirometry in both the clinical and home. ‘The app is so easy to use and my patients find it extremely user-friendly. This will assist the drive of spirometry, previously performed with larger table top devices, into general practice and patient homes which is crucial for screening and monitoring. Spirohome spirometers will easily become part of the standard clinic.’

Why Spirohome?

When asked about his favourite features of the Spirohome spirometers and/or apps, Prof. Şekerel pointed out that, My biggest concern was that a patient, particularly young patients, might drop a personal spirometer and continue using it even though its calibration has been disrupted. The beauty of Spirohome is that it is ultrasonic, which means the sensors re-calculate their distance from each other before each testing session and factor this into its calculations, thus eliminating my fear about data accuracy or validity.’ He also told us that, ‘I love that my patients can send their results to me, and that these results also contain flow-volume curves, which means that I can check whether they are on track, and whether they are actually performing the tests correctly’.

Would you recommend Spirohome?

We asked Prof. Şekerel if he would recommend Spirohome to patients or clinics around the world, and he answered with a resounding ‘Yes, definitely. As a Turkish national I’m not only proud of the fact that is is a local product, but more importantly Spirohome’s simplicity and accuracy is going to help push the much needed widespread performance of spirometry for the screening, diagnosis and treatment of millions of patients around the world with respiratory disease'

Prof. Bülent Enis Şekerel
Pediatrics and Allergic Diseases Specialist
Turkish National Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, President
Hacettepe University Department of Pediatric Allergy and Asthma, Head of Department

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