The Tezcan Family's Journey with SpiroHome Personal

The Tezcan Family's Journey with SpiroHome Personal

Berna Tezcan's 2 sons are both cystic fibrosis patients. She talked to us about her and her sons' experiences with this illness, and how they manage it with the help of SpiroHome Personal.

First encounter with cystic fibrosis

Berna Tezcan had her firstborn 15 years ago when she was only 20 years old. She says the first sign of trouble was that her son was losing weight from the moment he was born. Once he started turning purple, they went to all the hospitals near them, but after not getting any results, they were referred to Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine. She stayed in the hospital with her son for 1,5 months and he got his cystic fibrosis diagnosis when he was only 2,5 months old. She says it was a really hard time for her and her family, she was struggling to explain herself and her son's symptoms, and she had trouble even saying the name of the disease. 

With her younger son, she was more knowledgeable about the disease and more aware of the warning signs, so she requested the test. They were referred to Marmara University Research and Education Hospital and he was diagnosed there, shortly after his birth. Both her children are monitored there since then, for the last 8 years. 

Enter: SpiroHome Personal

The family was introduced to SpiroHome Personal with Marmara University's clinical study on cystic fibrosis patients. She says it was very hard to imagine a device that would make their impromptu hospital visits unnecessary at first. In time, as they went to their routinely scheduled check-ups and saw the measurements were the same as the ones they got at home, SpiroHome Personal become her most trusted ally

She says SpiroHome Personal made her child need way fewer antibiotics. If her son starts to show symptoms, they take the measurements and contact their healthcare team. The team then guides them according to the measurements, like prescribing medication or telling them to increase her son's inhaler dosage or physical therapy. 

They also had situations in which her son showed no new symptoms but did have an infection, which showed in the routine measurements they take at home with SpiroHome Personal. After this, their healthcare team was able to prescribe the necessary medication and the problem was dealt with with no hospital visits. 

Improving quality of life, one test at a time

As cystic fibrosis is a less known disease, without SpiroHome Personal, the Tezcan family has to leave their hometown to go to the hospital. Berna Tezcan says that in order to get to the hospital at 8 a.m., they have to get on the road at 4 a.m. and on days with traffic, the trip can take up to 7 hours. She says she feels safe knowing she can monitor her son's lungs without going to the hospital.

Packing for a trip: first in the bag, SpiroHome Personal

She talked about a recent memory involving SpiroHome Personal: "We were about to go on a holiday, but my son started coughing. He was prescribed antibiotics from the local hospital, but they didn't help the situation. I talked to his healthcare team again after increasing the inhaler use and physical therapy also had no effect. They compared the current measurements to the previous ones taken in the hospital and concluded that the same antibiotics would help. We got the prescription, started using it, and in three days, it was gone. The first two things in the bag I packed were the prescription, and SpiroHome Personal.

Relieving the burden with a new routine

Tezcan says SpiroHome Personal is so easy to use that it took her son only one try to understand, and she herself was all set after the second try. Her older son is even about to start monitoring his values by himself using his own mobile phone, and they are planning to start using SpiroHome Personal with her 8-year-old son as well

Cystic fibrosis is a highly involved and risky disease. Constant monitoring and quick intervention are key when talking about managing the disease. With SpiroHome Personal, there is no need to worry: all the lung capacity information you may need is at the tip of your fingertips.

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