Dustin Dauncey and his SpiroHome Personal Journey

COVID-19 is perhaps the most featured acronym in news stories of 2020. For people already living with chronic lung conditions the potential risks associated with COVID-19 infection carry much more weight. Dustin Dauncey is a Canadian living with cystic fibrosis and its challenges since the age of 2. He is one of the millions of individuals around the world for whom exposure to the virus could introduce serious consequences for an already immunocompromised body. For Dustin, his introduction to SpiroHome Personal could not have come at a better time as he explains, "I am very thankful now timing-wise considering, I cannot physically be in the CF clinics in the hospital for PFTs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This tool helps me keep tabs on my lung function and provide those numbers to my CF clinic for use." SpiroHome Personal is a home spirometry solution that is helping patients like Dustin steer clear of places where he would normally need to be to receive health care and monitoring for the management of his lung health.

SpiroHome Personal has changed the way patients and doctors manage respiratory health. Patients feel empowered knowing that sitting at home, on the couch, with a clinical-grade device in the palm of their hand, they can check their lungs there and then and send results directly to their doctor. SpiroHome makes patients an active part of the solution by encouraging self-management of their lung condition. Dustin explains,"This (SpiroHome Personal) also helps me better assess if I am just having a small episode of CF-related issues in my lungs, or if I'm at the beginning of a real lung infection. This allows my doctors to make better assessments too on whether I need antibiotics or not."

Spirometry at home should not, however, be difficult for the patient. The doctor also needs to know that the patient is performing tests correctly and that the data collected is valid for clinical use. The user interface virtually walks the user through each test, providing tips, error detection alerts, real-time feedback and session grading to help improve their test technique and provide quality data to their doctor. Dustin describes his impressions of the SpiroHome Personal, "I knew it was supposed to be an easy-to-use product, but I didn't really expect it to be that easy, and was pleasantly surprised how simple it all was, while still providing so many different data points." The SpiroHome Personal has received numerous awards for its intuitive design and its app is the first of its kind to integrate with the iPhone Health app impressing users worldwide.

SpiroHome Personal is easy to setup and use as Dustin recalls his experience, "Even the initial setup was easy to sync it with the phone and that is usually a challenge with many niche products as their user experience isn't the main focus. It's clear that the user experience is a focus for this product." For the Inofab Health team, a SpiroHome user becomes a part of the larger family and we work hard to make sure that users feel confident and supported after purchasing one of our products. We would like to thank Dustin Dauncy for recognising the effort we put into both our products and the users and families who we hope will benefit from them. Dustin expressed, "I would recommend your solution to others because it's clear that you care about your users/clients, perhaps more so than your competitors in the market for home spirometry. The app is great and actively updated which is nice to see that it's not a 'release it and abandon it' type of deal - you're in it for the long haul. This stability combined with your passion and easily accessible product for even those who are not tech-savvy, makes it a great solution for everyone who cares to monitor their lung function at home."

As Inofab Health we are thankful to dear Dustin for his comments and feedback! We hope that Dustin's experience provides insight for future SpiroHome users who are also interested in revolutionising respiratory healthcare together!

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