Cystic Fibrosis Heroes - Hear From Burcu Süzer

Cystic Fibrosis Heroes - Hear From Burcu Süzer From Marmara University Selim Coremen CF Center

At Marmara University, we have been closely working with cystic fibrosis patients to understand their needs when using home spirometry during routine monitoring and home acute exacerbation treatment. Please meet Burcu Süzer, CF Nurse from Marmara University, following children closely using SpiroHome and getting insights into her experience.

A Change in Motivation: Objective Evaluation

When asked if a change in the motivation of patients who can perform spirometry tests at home with SpiroHome Personal spirometers and whether having SpiroHome Personal made patients more confident, Burcu replied with a big smiling “Yes; previously, our patients used home spirometry when they noticed the signs of exacerbation and they had to apply to the emergency room or outpatient clinics as there was no device at home where they could objectively evaluate themselves”. Burcu also highlighted how using home spirometry and patients being able to evaluate themselves at home has made their communication with the team easier and “made the patients feel safe”.

“We have detected early signs of pulmonary exacerbation”

With SpiroHome Personal spirometers, patients were able to track their lung health from the comfort of their homes. When asked how this has affected the recognition of unexpected decreases in respiratory functions and evaluation of pulmonary exacerbations, Burcu highlighted  that early signs of pulmonary exacerbation at home have been easily detected; “Thanks to home spirometry in many of our patients. The progression of exacerbation findings have been prevented by making the necessary intervention as quickly as possible”.

Your Home Operator

Your Home Operator: SpiroHome Personal & SpiroCloud

When asked about SpiroHome’s function as a “home operator”, Burcu highlighted SpiroHome’s practical use for patients: “Yes, thanks to the directions given to patients during and after the test, patients can perform their tests correctly. Our patients have adapted to the use of the device and software”. Süzer also reported what patients liked the most was how they felt safe using SpiroHome Personal: “Even with the slightest runny nose, our patients would get worried and apply to the emergency rooms, but, since they can follow their test results with home spirometry, they can self-manage themselves at home with peace of mind. This also reduces the use of unnecessary antibiotics”.

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