We offer home-based remote disease management solutions for asthma, COPD, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, and cystic fibrosis patients. Home-based spirometry gives patients access to lung function testing whenever they want, helping track progress, adhere to medications and stay connected with their
doctor in real-time.



Helping doctors help patients with simplified spirometry integrations to general practices, private clinics, hospitals, and point of care services. Digitalize your clinic and explore our integrated solutions.



Integrated spirometers, mobile apps and web-dashboards, with additional options for EHR, API and SDK integration - Inofab Health offers a full package telehealth platform. Remote monitoring of patients using telehealth solutions helps prevent exacerbations of disease. It also reduces the burden and costs of in-clinic visits.


Respiratory Research

Repeatable and reliable test data is easier to achieve now than ever before. Pool and analyze data on a centralized database with tools specific to respiratory data analysis.


Occupational Health

Lung function in elite athletes is affected by factors such as training type, frequency, duration and physical characteristics. Tracking changes in lung function can help identify and tailor factors contributing to performance in elite athletes.


Sports Medicine

Lung function monitoring in elite athletes is an important part of their training program and critical for assessing the impact of training type, frequency, duration and physical characteristics of the athlete. Be aware of your lung capacity as an elite athlete, and keep track of athlete’s health as a sports physician and physiotherapist.