Sports Medicine Solution - Spirometry in the Sports Life-Style

Spirometry in the Sports Life-Style

Athletes can carry their SpiroHome Personal everywhere they go. Ultrasonic and ultra-portable, the SpiroHome Personal allows reliable and accurate lung function tests to help monitor athletes anytime, anywhere.

Sports Medicine Solution - Longitudinal Evaluation

Longitudinal Evaluation

Continuous monitoring of the athlete’s lung health is made possible with SpiroHome Personal spirometers. These data collected can be used in the longitudinal evaluation of the athlete’s health and help decide the course of future actions, if sports-related factors are contributing to a decline in an athletes lung health.

Sports Medicine Solution - Share Results

Share Results

Whether its training season or down time, athlete lung function tests can be tracked online in real-time for feedback, direction and motivation for adherence to testing schedules.

Sports Medicine Solution - Screening with SpiroCloud - Virtual Spirometry

Screening with SpiroCloud

Using the SpiroCloud web dashboard compare spirometry results obtained at home
with those obtained on the field. Use easy screening tools to examine lung function trends over time.

Sports Medicine Solution - Extensive Range of Parameters - SpiroCloud

Extensive Range of Parameters

There are significant differences between spirometric values obtained from athletes in endurance sports and power sports, and also those in land-based sports and water-based sports. SpiroCloud display and analysis tools allow data customisation to particular sports types and spirometric values.

Spiroclinic Pro - The Future of Clinical Spirometry

The Future of Clinical Spirometry

With its smart dock and integration to hospital electronic health records, SpiroClinic Pro provides you a professional state-of-the art ultrasonic spirometry experience.

Spirocloud - Remote Respiratory Disease Management Platform

Remote Respiratory
Disease Management Platform

Remote. Integrated. Synced. With SpiroCloud, collect,filter, display, and store data from SpiroHome and SpiroClinic spirometers. Distance is trivial.