Respiratory Research Solutions - Customize Research

Customize Research

SpiroCloud simplifies large scale screening studies and helps quantify the impact of variables such as geography, age, existing health conditions and more, on patient lung health.

Respiratory Research Solutions - Streamline Patient Management - Spirocloud

Streamline Patient Management

Manage subject pools from a single dashboard. No more paperwork. All patient history and test results obtained from SpiroHome Personal and SpiroClinic spirometers are also available on the web-based dashboard, SpiroCloud. Register and track an unlimited number of patients with the tap of a button.

Respiratory Research Solutions - Optimized Results with Customized Tools

Optimized Results
with Customized Tools

User-friendly dashboards with data management tools help manage data and optimize research outputs. Data export options allow further analysis possibilities.

Respiratory Research Solutions - GDPR compliant

GDPR Compliant

Your privacy is our number one priority. All data collected, stored, and shared via SpiroHome, SpiroClinic and SpiroCloud is confidential and stored securely.

Respiratory Research Solutions - Reduce  Burden Increase Data

Reduce Burden, Increase Data

With SpiroHome Personal ultrasonic spirometers, subjects can incorporate a spirometry system in their home, reducing the need for in-clinic visits and associated costs. As subjects are able to conduct spirometry anywhere and anytime they want, more data points are obtained.

Respiratory Research Solutions - Multi-site Research

Multi-site Research

No geographical barriers to data collection, access or research contributions.
Data from all around the world can be collected and analyzed from our cloud database, SpiroCloud.

Respiratory Research Solutions - Smart & Specific Alerts for Data Tracking - FVC - FEV1

Smart & Specific
Alerts for Data Tracking

Set specific “best” values for subjects. Set notifications when values for parameters such as FVC or FEV1 are different to those expected are detected.

Respiratory Research Solutions - Virtual Spirometry - SpiroHome Mobile App

Virtual Spirometry

Patients and doctors can connect in real-time during spirometry test sessions through the SpiroHome mobile app.

Spiroclinic Pro - The Future of Clinical Spirometry

The Future of Clinical Spirometry

With its smart dock and integration to hospital electronic health records, SpiroClinic Pro provides you a professional state-of-the art ultrasonic spirometry experience.

Spirohome Personal - Pocket-size Solution for Your Lung-sized Problem!

Pocket-size Solution
for Your Lung-sized Problem!

Conduct lung function tests at home and track your lung health trends with the world's first personal ultrasonic spirometer.