Occupational Health Solutions -  Test on Site

Test on Site

Carry your SpiroClinic spirometer anywhere and obtain accurate spirometry results. Connect your SpiroClinic spirometer to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. The user-friendly interface of the app will provide online guidance, error codes, and session quality grading as you perform your spirometry.

Occupational Health Solutions - Register an Unlimited Number of Patients

Register an Unlimited
Number of Patients

Track an unlimited number of patients with the tap of a button.

Occupational Health Solutions - Centralize Data on the SpiroCloud

Centralize Data on the SpiroCloud

Data from SpiroClinic spirometers are pooled on and remotely accessed through the SpiroCloud. Specific data analysis tools can help clients monitor and protect individuals in the workplace.

Occupational Health Solutions - No Routine Re-calibration Required

No Routine Re-calibration Required

With its ultrasonic flow measurement technology, SpiroClinic spirometers require minimum handling during maintenance. No re-calibration is needed before testing, saving tons of time for healthcare professionals in the clinic and reducing the risk of device compromisation.

Occupational Health Solutions - Minimized Risk of Cross-contamination

Minimized Risk of Cross-contamination

SpiroWay Disposable Mouthpieces come in dispenser boxes for quick and easy storage and access. By providing full coverage of the entire airway, these single-use mouthpieces reduce the risk of cross-contamination between users.

Occupational Health Solutions - Exposure Measurement with SpiroHome

Exposure Measurement with SpiroHome

SpiroHome and SpiroClinic results can be compared to understand how exposure to work environments may be affecting lung health in individuals.

Spiroclinic - The Future of Clinical Spirometry

The Future of Clinical Spirometry

With its smart dock and integration to hospital electronic health records, SpiroClinic Pro provides you a professional state-of-the art ultrasonic spirometry experience.

Spirohome Personal - Pocket-size Solution for Your Lung-sized Problem!

Pocket-size Solution
for Your Lung-sized Problem!

Conduct lung function tests at home and track your lung health trends with the world's first personal ultrasonic spirometer.