Home Solution - Clinical Accuracy at Home

Clinical Accuracy at Home

With its ultrasonic flow measurement technology, Inofab Health spirometers ensure the highest possible measurement accuracy.

Home Solution - No Routine Re-calibration Required

No Routine Re-calibration Required

In home spirometry, ease of use is key. No need to buy or find calibration equipment for routine re-calibration for our ultrasonic spirometers.

Home Solution - In-App Guidance

In-App Guidance

The SpiroHome mobile app displays error codes, grades sessions and gives real-time feedback to help you perform tests correctly.

Home Solution - Trend Data

Trend Data

See trends in your lung values such as FVC, FEV1, FEV1/FVC and track your progress with graphical data.

Home Solution - Share Your Results

Share Your Results

Send your result to your doctor with the tap of a button and get real-time feedback. Help them help you with performance or compliance.

Spirocloud Integration

SpiroCloud Integration

Your doctor can guide you better by checking your
automatically-synced results on the SpiroCloud platform.

Telehealth - Experience Virtual Spirometry

Experience Virtual Spirometry

You can be guided by your doctors virtually in real-time
during spirometry tests for accurate and reliable data collection.

Home Solution - GDPR Compliant

GDPR Compliant

Your privacy is our number one priority. All data collected and shared via SpiroHome and SpiroCloud is stored securely.

Hygiene - How do you clean your SpiroHome Personal?

How do you clean your SpiroHome Personal?

SpiroWay Reusable Mouthpieces can be cleaned and reused for up to 3 months by a single user. How to clean your SpiroHome Personal?

Home Solution - Spirohome Personal - Portable


Take your SpiroHome Personal with you anywhere you go and make sure you never miss a test.