Clinical Solutions - Spirometry. Easy as A, B, SpiroClinic

Spirometry. Easy as A, B, SpiroClinic

Helping doctors help patients with simplified spirometry in general practices, private clinics, hospitals, and point of care services.

Clinical Solutions - SpiroClinic - No Routine Re-calibration Required

No Routine Re-calibration Required

Ultrasonic flow measurement technology means no routine
re-calibration is necessary for SpiroClinic spirometers. Low maintenance SpiroClinic spirometers save time and resources for clinics.

Clinical Solutions - SpiroClinic Mobile App - Hassle-Free Software

Hassle-Free Software

Connect your SpiroClinic spirometers to the SpiroClinic mobile app via Bluetooth and track your patients’ test results via the
easy-to-use interface.

Clinical Solutions - Spiroclinic - Streamline Patient Management

Streamline Patient Management

With SpiroClinic spirometers, experience the easiest way to do spirometry in the clinic. Register and track an unlimited number of patients with the tap of a button.

Clinical Solutions - ATS - ERS - Compliant with International Standards

Compliant with International Standards

SpiroClinic spirometers are full compliant to ATS / ERS guidelines and all relevant ISO standards.

Clinical Solutions - SpiroClinic App - Detailed Spirometry Reports

Detailed Spirometry Reports

Automatically-generated spirometry reports on the SpiroClinic app provide deep insight into patient performance and lung function.

Clinical Solutions - Unlimited Data Storage on SpiroCloud

Unlimited Data Storage on SpiroCloud

SpiroClinic test results can be stored on SpiroCloud, our web-based remote patient monitoring platform. Healthcare professionals can view, filter and analyze spirometry results and examine lung function trends.

Clinical Solutions - SpiroClinic - Highest Accuracy

Highest Accuracy

The state-of-the-art ultrasonic flow measurement technology in SpiroClinic spirometers mean the highest possible measurement accuracy in lung function testing.

Clinical Solutions - SpiroClinic - Home Visits

Home Visits

Clinical spiromery is now possible on-site in patient homes with ultra-portable SpiroClinic spirometers.

Clinical Solutions - Battery Operated - Cable-free

Battery Operated

Portable, compact and cable-free spirometers in the palm of your hand.

Clinical Solutions - SpiroClinic - Test and Toss

Test and Toss

Single-use disposable mouthpieces line the entire airway of SpiroClinic spirometers, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Clinical Solutions - A Complete Patient Dashboard - SpiroClinic App

A Complete Patient Dashboard

SpiroClinic App is a complete patient management system that can store unlimited patient data. The dashboard can be used to view, analyse or export patient results, take notes and update important patient information. No need for excess paper work.

Spiroclinic Compact - Digitalize Your Respiratory Clinic

Digitalize Your Respiratory Clinic

Faster and easier lung function tests with the world’s most advanced professional spirometer. Digitalize hospitals, health clinics, and research centers into the palm of your hand.

Spiroclinic Pro - The Future of Clinical Spirometry

The Future of Clinical Spirometry

With its smart dock and integration to hospital electronic health records, SpiroClinic Pro provides you a professional state-of-the art ultrasonic spirometry experience.