Spirocloud - Remote Integrated Synced - Spirohome - Spiroclinic

Remote. Integrated. Synced.

With SpiroCloud, collect, filter, display, and store data
from SpiroHome and SpiroClinic spirometers. Distance is trivial.

Spirocloud - Continuous Intervention

Continuous Intervention

Monitor the lung function test results of an unlimited number of patients via the SpiroCloud infrastructure. Observe lung function trends for FEV1 and FVC parameters over days, months, years.

Spirocloud - A Personalized Solution for Your Health Goals

A Personalized Solution
for Your Health Goals

Track the home spirometry remotely. Patients can perform a spirometry test with clinical accuracy at home while their healthcare providers continuously monitor their results using SpiroCloud.

Spirocloud - A Centralized Database

A Centralized Database

Compare home and clinic results with SpiroCloud. Streamline patient management for doctors after using the Spirohome Clinic device.

Spirocloud - Experience Virtual Spirometry - Spirohome

Experience Virtual Spirometry

Perform your spirometry tests virtually via video calls with your healthcare provider
through the SpiroHome mobile app and get guidance face to face.

Software Integrations


EHR Integration

Use Electronic Health Record, EHR, integrations to integrate Inofab Health solutions to your own patient management database.


API Integration

With Application Programming Interface, API, integrations, keep patient data in sync by integrating Inofab Health app solutions to your’s.