Setting-Up Your SpiroHome Personal

Setting-Up Your SpiroHome Personal

We bring clinical accuracy to your home with the world’s first personal ultrasonic spirometer, SpiroHome Personal. With clinical-level ultrasonic spirometry in your pocket, perform pulmonary function tests with clinical precision, anytime, anywhere. SpiroHome Personal is a spirometer used for lung function testing. The device also can be used by children over 5 years of age. The intuitive user interface guides you step-by-step through tests, alerts you about errors, and helps you improve your technique. Share your test results with your healthcare provider with the tap of a button.

Not Tech-savvy? We got you covered!

Unboxing the World’s First Personal Ultrasonic Spirometer


Powering Your Ultrasonic Spirometer


SpiroHome ultrasonic spirometers are powered simply by standard rechargeable batteries. Insert two batteries into the SpiroHome battery compartment, ensuring that the (+) and (-) on the batteries are matched with the same symbols on the battery compartment cap.

If the device's battery runs out while testing, change the battery as directed above. Then, when you turn on the device, the application will show you the option to "Add Trials", you can continue testing by selecting it.

Pairing the Ultrasonic Spirometer with a Smart Device


First, you need to download the SpiroHome App to your smart device. You can download the app from the App Store, Google Play Store, or Huawei App Gallery for free. (App update notifications will be sent automatically to your smart device once you install the app. Follow the prompts on the notification to update your SpiroHome App.) 

The SpiroHome Personal app will ask you to "allow SpiroHome to access the device's location". Your device location provides important information not only for the calculation performed by your device but also provides insight into how certain environmental conditions affect your results. Therefore, it is important that the device reaches your location to ensure accurate measurement.

After installing the SpiroHome App to your smart device, open up the app and enable Bluetooth on your smart device - SpiroHome Personal sends information to the app via Bluetooth -, and turn on your SpiroHome Personal by pressing the power button for a second. Tap 'Find my device', and check that the serial number displayed on the screen is the same as the one on the back of your SpiroHome Personal. Finally, tap 'Pair my device' to pair your smart device with your SpiroHome Personal.

SpiroHome Personal can be used only with iOS and Android smartphones.

SpiroHome Personal can be paired with more than one SpiroHome Personal account. But, you can use only one account to test with the device at one time. SpiroHome Personal is a single-user device and is to be used by a single user.

SpiroHome Personal does not require an internet connection when a spirometry test is being performed. However, to sync your results to the database, your device must have an internet connection. Otherwise, your data will be held on your device until you have an internet connection.

Firmware update notifications will be sent to your smartphone automatically as long as you have an internet connection as well. 

Zero-Flow Setting and Correct Spirometry


Measurement accuracy is affected by environmental air flows. Environmental air flows are accounted for during the zero-flow setting process. Once this process is complete, place the mouthpiece in your mouth and seal your lips around it, take a few normal breaths then take in a deep breath and exhale with a 'blast' as fast and as hard as you can until your lungs have completely emptied while not moving the position of the mouthpiece.

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