Setting-Up the SpiroClinic Pro

SpiroClinic Pro, with its smart dock and integration to hospital electronic health records, is the future of clinical spirometry. Before testing, its smart dock auto-senses temperature, humidity, pressure and device connectivity; and directly transmits them to the software, therefore removing the need for the operator to manually enter necessary values.

SpiroClinic Pro also reduces any contamination risk thanks to it being compatible with single-use bacterial viral filters.

An unlimited number of patients can be registered to SpiroClinic Pro to fully digitalize in-clinic spirometry. Not sure how to set up the SpiroClinic Pro? Then follow along!

1. Unboxing the SpiroClinic Pro

These will be included in the SpiroClinic Pro box:

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2. Setting Up the SpiroClinic Pro

The Handpiece

The first thing that needs to be done is to remove the battery cover of the handpiece by unscrewing it with the screwdriver that is included in the box. Then simply place the batteries as indicated on the device and screw the battery cover back to the closed position. The handpiece should give a white indication light and be ready for use. The handpiece will turn on automatically when the app is opened from that point on, there is no buttons to press.

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The Dock

Once again, remove the battery cover by unscrewing it with the screwdriver provided. Place the batteries and screw the battery cover close. The dock should give a white indication light and be ready for use. 

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The Airway

Holding the handle forward, insert SpiroWay Pro into the body. A 'click' will be heard when the SpiroWay Pro is inserted correctly all the way into the handpiece.

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Bacterial-Viral Filter

Attach the bacterial-viral filter (BVF) to the SpiroWay Pro while it is attached to the SpiroClinic Pro. Be sure to check the fit and the seal. SpiroClinic Pro should not be used without a BVF and each BVF should be used only once per session (3-8 trials according to ATS 2019 guidelines). Please make sure to only use the BVFs that comply with the SpiroClinic Pro specifications that are provided by Inofab Health.

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Download the SpiroClinic App from the App Store, Google Play Store, or Microsoft Store onto a smart device or PC. Click on Create a New Account. Fill in the requested information, and click on Create Account. Once you see the home screen of the app, click on Settings, then Add Device, and click on Pair SpiroClinic Pro. Make sure you have the Bluetooth of your device turned on. Confirm the device serial number you see with the one located on the back of your device and then click on Pair Device. Once your device is paired, a green light will indicate it is ready to use. Click on Next to go back to the home screen of the app.

To start adding patients, click on New Subject that is located on the home screen, fill in the required information, and click Save. Make sure that all the information you’ve filled out is correct, then click Okay. To start a test, click on the related patient's name on the left-hand menu, then click Add Test.

Now, you are ready to register an unlimited number of patients with SpiroClinic Pro/ And, on top of that, you can simplify spirometry, streamline patient management, and scale-up clinical studies with the SpiroClinic App! You can also track your patients' home results and clinic results, and analyze their progress on SpiroCloud.

Learn more about the SpiroClinic Pro here.

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