Keep Your SpiroHome Personal Clean During the Pandemic

Keep Your SpiroHome Personal Clean During the Pandemic

As the #COVID19 pandemic remains a challenge, the critical need for remote healthcare continues. Patients with chronic respiratory illnesses such as asthma, cystic fibrosis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease  are considered as a high-risk group for COVID19 related complications. Therefore, to stay healthy and reduce your risk of exposure to COVID19, the need to self-isolate continues.

At Inofab Health, with our SpiroHome Personal spirometers, we continue to advance in home spirometry to ease your lives and help reduce the current burden on healthcare systems. As you continue to monitor your lung health from home and self-manage your disease, it is significant to keep your spirometers hygienic. Here are guides to help you do so!

Cleaning Your SpiroHome Personal

The cleaning and disinfection of SpiroHome products can be performed with sodium hypochlorite-based high-level disinfectant wipes. Medipal Chlorine Disinfectant (Pal International Ltd.) wipes are suitable for this purpose.

Cleaning Your Spiroway Reusable Mouthpiece


Keeping your Spiroway Reusable clean and free from contaminants is important for maintaining accurate flow measurements on your SpiroHome Personal. Cleaning requires a simple agitation of the mouthpiece in soapy water, removing soap with clean, lukewarm running water, and allowing the mouthpiece to air-dry at room temperature on a lint-free cloth.

Remember to replace your Spiroway Reusable mouthpiece every three months or when you believe it has been compromised in any other way.

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