How to Use the SpiroClinic Pro

After setting up, now it is time to learn how to use our high-precision ultrasonic spirometer SpiroClinic Pro to change the spirometry experience in your spirometry clinic.


After adding the patient to the app by following the steps on our previous blog, click the patient’s name on the left-hand menu, then click Add Test. Choose one of the 4 test modes in the app: Ex-Only, Full Loop, SVC, and MVV.

After choosing the desired test mode, click Start Test. Read the text on the screen to learn important points to know before testing, and then click I understand, proceed. The smart dock will auto-sense temperature, humidity, pressure, and device connectivity and will transmit them to the software. Turn on the toggle in the following screen and click Next Step.

Insert the SpiroWay Pro into the hand-held device as shown on the screen and click Insert Mouthpiece to Proceed to continue on to the next screen. Attach the Laminar Adapter as shown, and click Proceed. Attach the BVF (bacterial viral filter) to the SpiroWay Pro and then click Proceed once again. Make sure that the patient puts on their nose clip, and then click Insert Nose Clip to Proceed.

Place the device into the Smart Dock for the zero flow level setup process. This will take only a few seconds. When you put the device down, click Start Zero Flow Level Setup. After the setup is done, the test will start. Guide the patient according to the instructions you see on the screen.

After the first trial is done, you can add Trial Observations by clicking Add next to the text if needed, fill in the information and click Save. Then click Add New Trial to proceed. Regarding ATS 2019 updates, a minimum of 3 trials are suggested. If you want to finish the session with less than 3 trials, you will get a notification pop-up but you can still proceed.

When you need to end the session, click Finish Test to proceed to the results screen. You can add Result Observations as well, by clicking Add next to the related text once again. You can also print out or share the results by clicking the icons on the upper-right of the screen. 

How to Use the SpiroClinic Pro 03


After this pre-test, the patient should receive their medication. Then you can move on to the post-test process if one is needed. For this, you need to add a protocol first.

Click Settings, then Pre-Post Protocol and Add Protocol. Fill in the required information and click Save. Now go back to the Home screen, click the patient’s name on the left, and click the test for which you want to add a post-test. Click Start POST Test. Choose the protocol you will administer to the patient.

The app will show a countdown, the patient should get the medication in this timeframe. After the countdown is done, click Start POST Test again. The testing process will be the same as the pre-test process above. You can Add New Trial or click Finish Test to proceed to the results screen.

Tidal Start

To turn tidal start on or off, go to Settings, then click Spirometry Settings. There, you can turn tidal start on or turn it off.

Tidal Start

Predicted Values

You can change your predicted reference by going to Settings and then to Spirometry Settings. Here you will see a Predicted Normal Values setting. You can choose between Quanjer 2012 (GLI), NHANES III 1999 (Hankinson), ERS 1993 (ECCS, EGKS, Quanjer), Crapo1981, and Knudson 1976. To get detailed information about what these signify, you can click the More tab that is located at the bottom-right corner of the screen and then click Predicted References. 

Predicted Values

Calibration Check

Our tech is calibration-free. However, you may want to check that the device measures correctly. In that case, no need to worry. You can use our calibration check feature.

To do a calibration check, go to Settings, and click Calibration Check. 

For the calibration check, you will need a 3L Calibrated Syringe.

You need to ensure that the temperature inside the syringe and the room are the same, you can do this by pushing and drawing the piston of the 3L calibration syringe a few times to balance the temperature inside and outside the piston. You shouldn't warm the body of the syringe by placing it near a heat source or using your hands. 

Then push the piston of the calibration syringe all the way in, insert the SpiroWay Pro into the SpiroClinic, attach the SpiroWay Calibration Check Adaptor to the calibration syringe, and attach the nozzle of the adaptor to the mouthpiece. You will see how the device needs to look like after completing these steps in the app. You can choose the needed calibration check type (Multi-flow or Linearity) and proceed. 

Fill in the syringe info and click Continue. Keep ticking the boxes and clicking Next to indicate everything is correctly assembled as mentioned in the previous paragraph. Then click Start Zero Flow Level Setup. Follow the directions on the screen to complete the calibration check process. 

Next on our series, we will be taking a look at the results screen. Until then, click here to learn more about the SpiroClinic Pro. 

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