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2021 Summer Internship Program

Inofab Academy

This summer, join Inofab Academy and design the next generation of respiratory care at a globally growing start-up. Gain real-life experience in Sales & Marketing, UI/UX Design, Software Development & Hardware Development.

We are looking for self-motivated and dedicated teammates that value respiratory health and are eager to contribute to the world of digital health.

Become a part of an interdisciplinary team driven to revolutionize respiratory care with each other’s expertise.

Being a life-longer learner is one of our most significant assets. We are open to learn from each other and discover innovative fields with an instinctive motivation to enhance the lives of our patients and ease the work of our health providers.

Passion is our mission. Self-motivated team players with great communication skills create an open space for everyone to show their talents and ideas.

Have your full time job ready post-graduation!

At Inofab Health, we deeply value our trainees to gain real-life experience, benefit from their mentors, and meet like-minded peers. Learn and experience the future of healthcare, digital health. Join Inofab Academy and get a chance to become a full-time trainee post-graduation.

Take a new breath and be a part of the change. #ExperienceInofab