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Product Request

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iOS Developer

We are looking for iOS Developers to support our SpiroHome and SpiroClinic iOS applications.


  • Minimum 2 years of experience in iOS development
  • Minimum 2 app developments
  • Experience in building iOS apps in Swift
  • Experience in third-party libraries and REST APIs (e.g. Alamofire, Realm)
  • Actively using VCSs (Bitbucket etc.)
  • Preferably knowledge of MVVM design patterns and CI / CD process
  • Solid, reliable, reusable and clean coding skills
  • Knowledge of Apple’s interface guidelines and auto layout

Technologies and Libraries

  • Swift
  • REST APIs (e.g. Alamofire, Realm)
  • VCSs (Bitbucket etc.)
  • MVVM design patterns
  • CI / CD process
  • Jira and Confluence