Welcome to the next stage of SpiroHome's story

When we first started our journey in 2014, our vision was to create an innovation factory. Combining the Turkish words for ‘innovation’ and ‘factory’, we named our company İnofab.

Following establishment, our ‘factory’ put to work to innovate a new approach to respiratory health management between home and hospital and between patient and healthcare professional. This idea gave birth to SpiroHome. SpiroHome Personal, the world’s first personal spirometer, and SpiroHome Clinic, a digital health solution for clinics, met with users in May 2019. Within a year from launch, the SpiroHome brand incredibly reached users in over 45 countries. SpiroHome products won several prestigious international design awards. We rapidly outgrew capacity and expanded our teams to meet the global demand for our solutions. We launched Spirocloud, an online web dashboard integrating SpiroHome products for the remote monitoring of patients by healthcare professionals. We continue to expand our portfolio with first-in-the-world smart inhaler technologies which can detect misuse of inhaler medications. And there’s still much more to come…

From where we stand today, we see that we have proven to both ourselves and the world that our innovation factory has more potential for contribution to humanity than we had anticipated. Accordingly, we have decided to change our original SpiroHome brand identity to Inofab Health. Our SpiroHome and other digital health products will now be collected and presented to our users under the Inofab Health banner.

Our growing brand: Inofab Health

We hope you will follow the evolution of our new Inofab Health brand and share our passion for digitalizing the healthcare industry.

Kerem & Merthan

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