SpiroCloud: Digitalize Clinics to Simplify Patient Management

The endless amount of paperwork that healthcare professionals deal with every day reached unimaginable levels during the pandemic, leading many overworking healthcare professionals to burn out. With our remote respiratory disease management platform, SpiroCloud, we provide the ultimate solution for you.

Patients perform their spirometry tests in the comfort of their homes and their test results are instantaneously shown on SpiroCloud for the healthcare professional to view. SpiroCloud automatically generates reports and trend graphs, diminishing needed paperwork. With the tap of a button, you can manage multiple patients, categorize the pulmonary function test results of their patients with respect to different parameters, and add session notes. The SpiroCloud infrastructure shows patient history, including recent tests and treatments, for their ease.

Now, use the advantage of technology in healthcare by collecting, filtering, displaying, and storing data from an unlimited number of ATS 2019 compliant SpiroHome and SpiroClinic spirometers. Explore the world of advanced SpiroCloud.

Remote. Integrated. Synced.

The new SpiroCloud features include,

  • More detailed subject list page: Subjects with unseen activities placed on top of the list.
  • Advanced filtering options for subjects list.
  • New subject search experience.
  • New subject details page and filters.
  • Adding session observation notes for patients.
  • New trend view with advanced filters.
  • Track your and subjects' activities easily.

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Upcoming Feature: Virtual Spirometry

With upcoming video call features, guide your patients remotely and provide feedback as they conduct spirometry tests.


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