Looking Back at 2021

Looking Back at 2021

2021 was full of exciting strides for us! We started the year with new investments and ended the year with a thrilling addition by applying for our FDA clearance. We added many features to our products, added 3 more languages to our apps and reached new countries, took part in some clinical researches, attended several congresses and grew our Inofab family even more. Now, let’s take a closer look into all of these!


Starting the Year with an New Investment

At the beginning of the year, we got a 1 Million USD investment from Re-Pie Asset Management Co. First Diversified Venture Capital Investment Fund, Teknoloji Yatırım’s TTGV1 Fund and F+ Ventures-LifeSciences, which helped us to improve our products even more and keep on revolutionizing digital healthcare!

Next Era of Respiratory Disease Management

This year, with our new video, we introduced SpiroCloud: a remote respiratory disease management platform, and a new era in disease management. SpiroCloud removes the need to go to the hospital for diagnosed respiratory patients, because it makes it possible to do spirometry tests remotely with the assistance of their healthcare teams. Thanks to SpiroCloud’s new virtual spirometry feature, patients can use their SpiroHome Personal integrated with SpiroCloud, and get the needed guidance and feedback from their doctors without ever leaving their homes.

Also, thanks to our user friendly application, with SpiroHome Personal’s session grading, patients can do spirometry tests without an operator as well! SpiroCloud integrates seamlessly with SpiroHome Personal and we have received great feedback from all our users about it, healthcare professionals and patients alike.

New features

New Product: SpiroClinic Pro

2021 was the year we launched SpiroClinic Pro, the future of clinical spirometry, an ultrasonic spirometry platform for clinics. With its smart dock that auto-senses temperature, humidity, pressure, device connectivity, and more before testing, directly transmitting them to the software; there is no need for the operator to manually enter those values. It digitalizes hospitals, health clinics, and research centres into the palm of your hand; and does so in a smart, safe and accurate way. With single-use bacterial-viral filters, it also reduces any contamination risk and keeps the patients safe.

New Device-1

Software: GLI Complied

We also got recognized by European Respiratory Society (ERS) for implementing the Quanjer GLI-2012 equation into our software. This equation is used to improve the accuracy of spirometry data interpretation and characterize lung health.

Destination: the US Market!

We have been making great advancements on our FDA clearance process and we are planning to be in the US market in the middle of 2022! We can hardly wait to meet all of our users across the ocean. Bringing remote, streamlined and synchronized digital healthcare to respiratory patients is our goal and we can’t wait to add the US to the list of countries we have been able to reach!

Destination_ the US Market-1

We are Now in 10 Different Languages

We have reached fifty-two countries so far, but our quest for reaching more patients and healthcare teams with our revolutionary products won’t end with 2021. Adding to the existing seven from before, SpiroHome is now available in three more languages - Arabic, Swedish and Serbian!

Website: New and Improved

In 2021, we did not stop improving: our website has been renewed and is now ready to give you all the information you need and to answer all of your questions!

Website_ New and Improved-1

Clinical Research: Evidence from Cystic Fibrosis Heroes

Among 7 different studies in different universities, we have been a part of a clinical research that is being run at Marmara University as well. This specific research looks at 30 different pediatric cystic fibrosis patients' lives and studies how remote follow-ups affect a patient’s life and the course of the disease. Check out the interview we did with Burcu Süzer, a CF nurse in Marmara University and one of the people following the children in the research closely!

Some of the patients have been using our technologies and devices for their remote follow-ups and testing their pulmonary functions at home with SpiroHome Personal as opposed to going to the hospital for their routine spirometry tests. The research will be concluded in 2022. Our Cofounder Merthan Öztürk and one of the researchers - Marmara University Training and Research Hospital’s Pediatric Pulmonologist Prof. Dr. Bülent Karadağ - talked to DHA about this topic, and the research itself. Watch the related video here:

Events and Congresses

This year was great in other aspects too, because we saw the return of in-person congresses and fairs, such as Medica 2021 and the XXVIII National Allergy and Clinical Congress. We also attended national congresses in Turkey related to lung health. Being able to get together with leading experts in their fields again and experiencing that atmosphere was good for everyone! We also got the chance to introduce our products to a lot more people and received great interest.

Investing for the Future of Digital Healthcare

Although Inofab now operates globally with its products used by healthcare professionals and patients worldwide, we have always remembered to form and nurture bonds with the future experts of the field. We’ve focused even more of our attention towards our internship program and Inofab Academy events. These have enabled us to reach and mentor many university students and we have enjoyed sharing our professional knowledge from inside the field with them.

Investing for the Future of Digital Healthcare-1

In return, our internship program has given us insight into their fresh and dynamic take on digital health products in the respiratory health domain. We had the pleasure of working with, supporting, and being supported by these students in many of our departments.

Wrapping Up 2021…

As we reminisce about the passing year and plan for 2022, we are as excited as ever about keeping all of our products and services patient-centric and providing clinically-approved products to our users. If you still did not watch our SpiroCloud video.

We’re very excited to bring our revolutionary products to many more countries in 2022, and are ecstatic that we will be meeting people in the USA very soon!

We cannot wait for you to see what the future has in store!

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