ERT and Karel Electronics invests in Inofab Health

ERT and Karel Electronics invests in Inofab Health

We are excited to announce that ERT ⁠—a global leader in respiratory trials and technology, and Karel ⁠—a Turkish telecommunications & electronics manufacturing giant, have both recently invested in Inofab Health. Since receiving its CE mark in May 2019, Spirohome products have met with users in over 45 countries around the world. With ERT and Karel’s investments, our operations and manufacturing capacity will expand to meet the continually increasing demand for Spirohome products from around the world.

Aligning with ERT, a global leader in respiratory trials and technology, Spirohome products will play a critical role in safety and efficacy endpoint data collection for the development of respiratory disease treatments. Virtualizing clinical trials, Spirohome spirometers and the Spirocloud web platform allows critical lung volume data to be collected from patients in the comfort of their own homes, by-passing limitations imposed by distance and time, and most importantly, those brought on by the current COVID-19 pandemic.

“We chose to partner with Inofab based on their proven capabilities in meeting respiratory patients’ healthcare needs and their award-winning ultrasonic spirometer, Spirohome,” says Achim Schülke, Executive Vice President of Respiratory Solutions at ERT.

Our strategic move to outsource manufacturing to Karel has been necessary to meet the recent exponential increase in demand for Spirohome products. However, we are also proud to have partnered with Karel who has now also become one of Inofab Health’s key investors - another source of critical funding that will propel products through our pipelines to meet with users in 2021. Yaman Tunaoğlu, Chief Technology Officer and CoFounder of Karel, has stated that “As Karel, we are proud to both establish a manufacturing contract with Inofab Health and to also invest in this company’s future. We believe that Karel’s manufacturing capacity and infrastructure technologies will help boost the growth of Inofab Health.”

We’ve come a long way since the first funds we raised in a series of seed investment rounds led by ACT Venture Partners in April 2017 & January 2018 accelerating the launch of Spirohome®. 500 Startups Istanbul, and Growth Circuit VC had also been early-stage investors in Inofab Health.

Inofab Health Team

With the recent investments from ERT and Karel we will be able to complete our FDA clearance activities and establish growth in the U.S market. Our ultimate aim was to bring these technologies to patients and healthcare systems that can benefit from the digitalization of healthcare. Removing the burden of travel and costs of clinical visits and empowering patients through the self-management of the disease are just some of the ways in which remote monitoring through Spirocloud serves the field of respiratory healthcare. We believe that with over 550 million people around the world living with chronic lung diseases, the use of remote monitoring platforms for the early detection of exacerbations and prevention of unnecessary hospitalizations is the inevitable option for modern healthcare systems.

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