Inofab Health at MedTech Innovation Panel, Drexel University

Inofab Health at MedTech Innovation Panel, Drexel University

On October 28, our Co-founders Merthan Öztürk & Kerem Yaşar and Director of Regulatory Affairs Deniz Sarp joined the “Medical Technology and Innovation Panel” alongside industry representatives from Philadelphia, USA and Shangai, China to share our journey and vision re-designing the future of respiratory care through Inofab Health.

From back when our Co-founder Merthan Öztürk met with H.H. Sun Professor of Biomedical and Electrical Engineering, and now Inofab Health advisor, Banu Onaral 5 years ago to Inofab Health’s present standing on national and global markets; Inofab Health’s journey from “concept to commercialization” was highlighted. As Onaral recalled her first encounter with Öztürk and the dream of Inofab Health, she said “I tried to do a reality check, slow them down but the ecosystem embraced you”.

Onaral mentioned how the business models and policy regulations are the biggest challenges for break-through technologies, likewise, Sarp highlighted how “it’s the technology that is pushing the policy at the moment” and that “spirometry is changing health policies worldwide”.

The panel also included Dr. Jake Brenner, a pulmonary care physician at Penn Medicine and serial entrepreneur in the tech space, who highlighted the obstacles severe COPD patients go through by simply going to the doctor, calling it “a journey itself”.

As an “eHealth based personal platform to monitor lung function”, Inofab Health is represented through its technology and business case with its joint ventures, aiming to re-design respiratory care. With this course, selected students from Drexel University will be given the opportunity to work at Inofab Health and prepare their case-studies, joining us as we design the future of respiratory care.

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