Asthma is the most common long-term lung disease, causing wheezing and breathlessness. It is the most common chronic disease among children. One out of four children in Europe is diagnosed with asthma. Currently there are more than 339 million patients globally, and as such a common disease, there still exists many misconceptions and myths that can be misleading.

Asthma Facts by
the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA)

  • Asthma is not infectious.
  • Asthma can occur at any age.
  • When asthma is well-controlled, patients can exercise.

It is accepted that asthma can have a variety of causes. One that is suggested by scientists is obesity. Obese patients are found to have a higher risk of having chronic diseases like asthma. Learn more on how obesity & asthma impact their patient’s lives & their relationship.

  • Explore books on asthma awareness, addressing asthma misconceptions, and highlighting the affects of asthma on individuals.
  • Remote Asthma Management Guidelines by AID
  • Explore how Inofab Health spirometers benefit asthma patients. Inofab Health Technologies like SpiroHome Personal helps asthma patients control their lung conditions at home. In addition, SpiroHome Personal users can instantly share their results with their doctor via SpiroCloud.

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