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Daily Spirometry Improves Quality of Life

Daily Spirometry Improves Quality of Life

Daily Spirometry Improves Quality of Life

A specialist in respiratory diseases, Prof. Oğuzülgen has dedicated the past 25 years to working with patients for whom spirometry is used as part of the diagnostic or monitoring process. Prof. Oğuzülgen discussed with Spirohome the impact of knowing the status of the lungs on a patient’s psychology. She states that not only does access to daily spirometry data provide a sense of control over the disease for the patient, but that this in effect improves the patient’s outlook on their condition and quality of life.

Inability to manage disease causes anxiety for patients

Prof. Oğuzülgen also states that some patients may form anxiety around impending symptoms, particularly if they fear that they will not be able to receive immediate care from their doctor. A personal spirometer can help ease patient distress as self-monitoring equips patients with information that can help them avoid acute exacerbations. The ability to send results directly to the doctor for immediate feedback is also serves as a source of comfort to these patients. Prof. Oğuzülgen believes that Spirohome can improve the patient experience as it is an intuitive digital platform that is appropriate to users of all socio-economic backgrounds. Spirohome Personal also displays flow-volume curves which provide invaluable insight into test results, which is invaluable to doctors when making clinical decisions about the patient's condition.

Spirohome simplifies spirometry

She has also expressed the impressiveness of Spirohome’s real-time feedback, trend data and the ability to share or print results without the need for processing data through complicated electronic health record systems.

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Prof. İpek Kıvılcım Oğuzülgen
Gazi University

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