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Cystic Fibrosis Heroes - Hear From Burcu Süzer From Marmara University Selim Coremen CF Center

Acute exacerbation treatment and monitoring in cystic fibrosis patients using home spirometry: “We have prevented the progression of exacerbations by making the necessary intervention as quickly as possible”

Meet the COPD Athlete: Never Let Your Disease Define You

Meet Russell Winwood, the COPD Athlete. In honor of the COPD Awareness Month, Russell shares his motto “Never let your disease define you” and experience in COPD management.

Prof. Dr. Salih Emri: A COVID-19 Doctor and Patient

Prof. Dr Salih Emri discusses his experience in being both a COVID-19 doctor on the frontlines and his ordeal as a patient of the disease.

CF patient and warrior Mia Gaudenzi and Spirohome

Mia Gaudenzi is a Cystic Fibrosis (CF) patient who was diagnosed when she was four. Since then she has tackled the challenges of living with chronic and sensitive respiratory disease...

Dustin Dauncey and his Spirohome Personal Journey

Dustin is a Canadian cystic fibrosis patient taking control of his lung health with Spirohome Personal.

Home Spirometry is The Inevitable Future

Paediatric Pulmonary Diseases Specialist Prof. Bülent Karadağ discusses COVID-19 concerns of his patients chronic respiratory illness and the value of home spirometry.

Ultrasonic Spirometry and Pediatric Asthma

One of Turkey’s leading Peadiatric Health and Allergy Specialists, Prof. Dr. Bülent Enis Şekerel kindly shared with Spirohome his insight into paediatric spirometry...

Straight From The Pulmonary Function Lab

A spirometry technician’s insight… Device, patient and operator - Spirohome talks to a spirometry technician about the different layers to good spirometry.

Daily Spirometry Improves Quality of Life

Spirohome talks with Prof. Kıvılcım Oğuzülgen about the challenges patients and doctors face in spirometry and her experience of Spirohome spirometers.