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Inofab Health welcomes the new year with a new investment

Inofab Health welcomes the new year with a new investment

Inofab Health welcomes the new year with a new investment

At Inofab Health, we welcomed 2021 with 1M USD in investments from Re-Pie Asset Management Co. First Diversified Venture Capital Investment Fund, Teknoloji Yatırım’s TTGV1 Fund and F+ Ventures-LifeSciences. We are incredibly proud of our team and can’t wait to continue revolutionizing healthcare with you!

Back in June 2020, we had also received strategic investments from ERT, a global leader in clinical endpoints and data collection, and Karel, one of the largest electronics manufacturers in Turkey.

Besides establishing strategic partnerships and raising capital in 2020, we received numerous prestigious design awards and closed the year with international growth by providing our solutions to users in 50 different countries. With our sales partners and distributors in 15 different countries, we continue to develop sustainable business models in the respiratory domain to address the need for different local markets.

SpiroHome & SpiroCloud

Amidst the pandemic, remote patient monitoring in respiratory care has been an essential need. With the latest investment, at Inofab Health, we aim to meet the needs in remote respiratory care by adding new products to our existing portfolio. SpiroCloud, a web based portal that empowers the communication between healthcare professionals and patients is already being used in the market with new modules in the pipeline. This year, we will present two new products to the market; SpiroClinic, a respiratory diagnosis device to be used in clinical settings, and SpiroHaler, a smart inhaler attachment to monitor the medication use in spirometers.

We aim to present our state-of-the-art solutions in North America by the end of this year and become a global player in the respiratory domain.

Re-Pie Asset Management Co. First Diversified Venture Capital Investment Fund

Re-Pie Asset Management Co started its operations in 2015 to establish and manage real estate investment funds and venture capital investment funds. As the founder and director of 8 real estate and 5 venture capital investment funds worth a total of 865 million TL, Re-Pie is Turkey's first alternative investment fund management company that has received permission to operate. Re-Pie, which provides value-added services with its business model reflecting its strong accumulation in all the funds it manages and its investments, aims to act as a bridge between the capital market and the real sector with its investments in both private equity and venture capital, and to provide its investors with sustainable high returns.

Teknoloji Yatırım - TTGV1 Fund

Teknoloji Yatırım, designs, develops and manages different products for financing needs of early growth technology companies having potential of global scalability and technology export. TTGV1 Fund, which is managed by Teknoloji Yatırım, invests in companies at scaling and growth stages via co-investment and follow-on investment model together with other investors.

Fark Labs – Life Sciences:

Fark Labs is a transformative establishment from Farplas where we design a better version of technology, science, culture and art theory together for the future. To meet new needs in the healthcare field and produce innovative solutions, Fark Labs Life Sciences provides new entrepreneurs technical support, venture growth capital, early and advanced stage acceleration program, human resources, investment, and business network support with an industrial perspective.

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