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End-of-Year Statement

End-of-Year Statement

End-of-Year Statement

At Spirohome, we started 2019 eagerly waiting for CE-certification of Spirohome products and preparing for market entry into the chronic respiratory care scene. Since our first sales in May until today, Spirohome has reached 35 countries and thousands of patients worldwide. 2019 was the year that the vision we had conceptualised more than 4 years ago finally came to life in the form of high quality respiratory products, and met its intended users. Since its establishment in 2015, the Spirohome family has worked persistently to develop the next generation of state-of-the-art technologies that would change the way patients, doctors, researchers and industries approach chronic respiratory illness diagnosis and monitoring.

Spirohome’s journey has been a part of the global digitalisation of healthcare movement - the inevitable future of medical care. Raising over 1.3M Euro in VC investments and 330K Euro in government grants, we’ve worked hard to design, develop and manufacture both products and platforms that simplify and streamline pulmonary function testing, patient management, disease monitoring and and patient adherence. The primary Spirohome range of products are based on ultrasonic spirometers, and with smart inhalers also in the pipeline, we are aiming to provide full scale solutions against the major challenges in airway disease management, both in clinics and in homes.

Stay tuned for Spirohome developments in 2020 as we revolutionise respiratory care, with you. 

Spirohome CEO and Co-Founder
Merthan Öztürk

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