If you have respiratory illness, please protect yourselves during the spread of the #Coronavirus or #COVID-19.
Be aware of your lung functions at home while staying at home. #StayAtHome #TestAtHome

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Exercise and Asthma

Being ‘out of breath’ with exercise is OK, but ‘shortness of breath’ may point to other conditions. Find out more here.

5 Benefits of Digital Health Systems

Digital health is making the control and management of chronic diseases easier and more practical for patients and doctors.

Peak Flow Meter vs Spirometer

When you hear ‘respiratory care and diagnostics’, a number of devices used in this field, in respiratory laboratories and clinics may come to mind.

Why You Should Use a Spirometer

Spirometers are one of the most commonly encountered devices in respiratory laboratories and clinics.

Ultrasound vs Turbine Spirometers

Spirometers differ fundamentally based on the type of sensor mechanism used to detect air flow and volume.