Why You Should Use a Spirometer?

Spirometers are one of the most commonly encountered devices in respiratory laboratories and clinics. Spirometers can provide a lung health profile of the user.

The key principle of operation of a spirometer is to analyze the flow and volume of air that is blown by the patient through the device and to convert this into spirometric parameters related to lung health and capacity. As such, spirometers are used as both a diagnostic and monitoring tool by physicians. Spirometers that have been personalized for patient use outside the clinic, offers several benefits.

What are the benefits of using a spirometer?

Firstly, daily use or regular use of an incentive spirometer will, with continued use, allow both you and your physician to track any trends in your lung health. A decline in lung health or an exacerbated disease progression can be detected a lot earlier with frequent spirometry. This gives the patient and physician an opportunity to prevent and/or treat the condition before it worsens.

Regular spirometry also provides insight into whether or not particular medications or treatments are working, if alterations need to be made, or whether there is in fact an undetected adverse effect.

Furthermore, information such as location, time and activities before/after/during testing provide valuable insight into potential stimulants of disease aggravation. Equipped with a spirometer, and adhering to regular use patterns, a patient is placed in the best position to manage their respiratory condition.

Both the short and long term advantages of spirometer use thus range from better disease management to reduced financial burden for both the patient and the healthcare system at large. The benefits of spirometers that are virtually connected to platforms shared by both the patient and the physician become even greater as information is relayed in real-time, making healthcare even more financially accessible and faster for patients.

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How does spirometry fit into daily life?

Patients who have respiratory diseases such as asthma, COPD or cystic fibrosis can benefit greatly from daily spirometry. This is now easier than ever because of home spirometry devices like SpiroHome Personal. Thanks to the device’s integration with SpiroCloud, you can do your spirometry with the guidance and monitoring of your healthcare team even from the comfort of your home!

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