What Does ATS/ERS Conformance Mean?

What Does ATS/ERS Conformance Mean?

Spirometry is an important medical tool that has immense value to a number of different sectors. From disease diagnosis to public health research, spirometry and spirometers is frequently utilised to make medical, legal or personal decisions surrounding respiratory health. Over the last two decades global initiatives have been taken to standardise clinical lung function testing, and provide guidelines to a growing market of devices used for lung function testing.

The American Thoracic and European Respiratory Societies are widely accepted as the leading authorities on spirometry. Since the late 70s, each have produced their own publications detailing criteria for equipment performance and validation, quality control, testing manoeuvers, measurement procedures acceptability/reliability, reference value/interpretation and clinical assessment. Although largely concordant, ATS and ERS approaches to spirometry did have appreciable differences which lead to the push from several industries for joint publications that would standardise clinical pulmonary function testing.

The ATS/ERS have published several guidelines since the establishment of the ATS/ERS task force in 2001, starting with its 2005 publication entitled ‘General considerations for lung function testing’. Many other joint publications by the ATS/ERS can also be found including titles such as ‘Standardisation of Spirometry’ or ‘International ERS/ATS guidelines on definition, evaluation and treatment of severe asthma’,

For manufacturers of spirometers, a claim of ATS/ERS conformance means that users are supplied with devices have been verified and validated according to the strict guidelines published by the leading world authorities on spirometry. These guidelines reflect the current knowledge in the field and are adopted for good clinical practice until scientific evidence proves otherwise. Therefore, ATS/ERS conformance aligns manufacturers with the most current expertise in spirometry, pushing them to manufacture their devices accordingly.

SpiroHome devices are manufactured in full conformance to ATS/ERS guidelines, making them world-class for accuracy, reliability, durability, intuitive-use and in many other aspects critical for correct spirometry. Users of SpiroHome spirometers are guaranteed that they are using state-of-the-art ultrasonic spirometers that are unmatched for quality. SpiroHome spirometers brin ATS/ERS assurance to homes and clinics around the world, ensuring that users can perform lung function tests and use their results with confidence.


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