The European Commission on Digital Healthcare

The European Commission on Digital Healthcare

In 2004, the European Commission embarked on a journey to digitalize healthcare by initiating the first eHealth Action Plan that spans from 2004 till 2012. This Action Plan has helped raise awareness among EU members and highlighted the vital need to integrate technology and digital systems with healthcare. The most significant outcome has been that today all EU Member States have their own eHealth protocol. Further, there is now a widespread communication network that enables ePrescription services, access to patient medical records and creates interoperable systems, making healthcare more accessible for EU citizens across all Member States.

Enhanced User Experience with eHealth Action Plans

The second eHealth Action Plan was initiated in 2012 through the joint efforts of the European Commission and World Health Organization & HIMSS Europe. Together with the United States they rolled out the Horizon 2020 Project which aimed to accelerate the digitalization of healthcare. With both Action Plans it has been the EU Commission's goal to enhance user confidence with digital tools and continue support for innovations in healthcare systems. Digital healthcare systems reduce burdens for patients and healthcare providers alike. Digital healthcare promises cost-effective treatment for patients by saving them time and costs associated with clinical visits. Digital tools and mobile applications equip the patient with the means to self-manage their disease or condition whilst remaining connected to and remotely monitored by their healthcare provider.

The European Commission on Digital Healthcare

The Change is Inevitable

Although for a complete transition to digital health care in EU there remains challenges ranging from infrastructure limitations, establishment costs, socio-cultural influences, and age-related limitations, all Member States are committed to implementing organizational changes for a more patient-centric and digital system.

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