Podcasts on Tuberculosis Awareness

Podcasts on Tuberculosis Awareness

Tuberculosis, a preventable and curable disease, is still identified as an epidemic, causing 4000 deaths and 28000 new cases each day. Only in 2019, an estimated 10 million were diagnosed with tuberculosis and 1.4 million of them died. “The Clock is Ticking” to end this epidemic and it is crucial for all to unite on this matter. As we commemorate World Tuberculosis Day 2021, we gathered series of podcasts to help raise awareness, understand the issues TB patients face every day, and educate each other on this significant issue.

TB Talks Season 2 – A Community Outbreak Story

Developed by National Collaborating Centre for Infectious Diseases’ partnership with Northern Inter-Tribal Health Authority (NITHA) and the National Collaborating Centre for Indigenous Health (NCCIH), this 4-episode podcast series is based on a TB outbreak in 2019 in a small First Nations community in northern Saskatchewan and the course following it. From the “first face of the outbreak” to the reflections of the front-line workers in the TB program, get ready for an intriguing real-life story and learn more about what can be done to eliminate this epidemic.

It’s Time” to Stop Tuberculosis in the Philippines: World TB Day 2019 Podcast

Created to raise awareness for the World Tuberculosis Day 2019, this podcast is hosted by the USAID-funded Human Resources for Health in 2030, HRH2030, program, developed to strengthen the health workforce to improve TB services in the Philippines. From World TB Day 2019’s theme “It’s Time” to this year’s theme “The Clock is Ticking” it is evident that immediate action must be taken to stop the TB epidemic. Tune in for an eye-opening talk with HRH2030 as they sit down with Philippines Project Director Dr. Marilyn Lorenzo and discuss TB in the Philippines and the impact of USAID’s efforts to detect, treat, and prevent the spread of TB in partnership with the government.

The Dose

The Stop TB Partnership’s Working Group on New Drugs hosts a new podcast series. The series discusses prioritizing TB treatment and diagnosis strategies with drug developers, researchers, TB patients, global health experts, and donors.

Learn more about World Tuberculosis Day.

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