Movies, Books & Podcasts for the COPD Awareness Month

Movies, Books & Podcasts for the COPD Awareness Month

COPD Awareness Month is all about raising awareness and educating yourself and others. We gathered some movies, podcasts, and books, ranging from Hollywood productions to the CDC government issued ones for you. Here is a list of must-dos for November 2020 to help us all #GoOrange!


COPD: Highly Illogical - Remembering Leonard Nimoy: A tribute to the famous “Star Trek” star, Leonard Nimoy, cruising through his life, portraying his battle with COPD.

Clear the Air: Opening Up About COPD: Presents the gripping stories of three COPD patients through the lenses of an Emmy-nominated director Abbey LeVine in collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


A Cup of Health with CDC – COPD Awareness: Presented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), with Dr. Kathleen Dooling as the host, Dr. Anne Wheaton from CDC’s National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion joins to discuss the causes and significance of COPD. (Connect with @CDCgov on Twitter!)

COPD ATHLETE: A podcast series created by Russel Winwood- a triathlete, Half Ironman and COPD patient- to motivate fellow COPD patients to become more active and to achieve a better life quality. With guests like the Director of National Asthma Council of Australia to respiratory research, as he put it into words, “rockstars”, he shares insights to having a better life quality with COPD. (Connect with @russwinn66 on Twitter!)


Live Your Life With COPD- 52 Weeks of Health, Happiness and Hope: Written by the Associate Director of Education at COPD Foundation, Jane M. Martin, this work provides a variety of practices ranging from breathing techniques to nutrition tips as well as influential perspectives to inspire and empower COPD patients.

Breathe Easy: Relieving the Symptoms of Chronic Lung Disease: In his work, Dr. Donald A. Mahler, a pulmonologist and an Emeritus Professor of Medicine at Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth University, explains both “normal” breathing and shortness of breath, focusing on how breathing can be improved. From advice for therapies to the origins of asthma & COPD and to the benefits of exercise, valuable insights are offered.


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