How to Improve Your Medication Adherence?

How to Improve Your Medication Adherence

1. Get involved

Where possible, engage with your health care professional to take part in the decision making process about your medications plan. This will boost your sense of ownership of the plan and ensure that it is a plan that you are more likely to stick to.

2. Ask ask ask!

Do not hesitate to ask for tips or concerns about your adherence. Your doctor should have a list of 'Do's and Do Not's' collected through the shared experiences of other patients, tips that could be useful and applicable to your situation!

3. Track your medication time

Set up reminders on your phone or other devices that will notify you about medicine time. One trick is to switch things by changing alarm sound/tones or varying the time of reminder alarms for a little earlier or later (where possible), to keep the alarm as a 'fresh' stimulus.

4. Tune in

Don't forget to track your reactions towards medications to inform your doctor about any positive or adverse symptoms you might be experiencing. Tune in to how the medication, doses, treatment plan is working for you!

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