Adaptation to Digital Health: Case Studies From Europe

Adaptation to Digital Health: Case Studies From Europe

The COVID19 pandemic has accelerated our adaptation of digital healthcare technologies to our existing healthcare systems. This ongoing implementation of a digital healthcare system changed the expectations of patients. Now, patients wish to be an active part of this system by having access to healthcare conveniently, getting reliable information, and having records of their healthcare reports. From e-prescription services to remote patient monitoring systems, European Union countries have taken great steps to digitalize their healthcare systems. Join us as we investigate Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions' report, “Digital transformation: Shaping the future of European healthcare”, and share our outtakes from The Netherlands', Portugal’s, and Germany’s adaptation to digital healthcare and the opportunities their adaptation to digital healthcare services brought.

15 million virtual care interactions

In 2018, a remote telemonitoring app, Luscii, was founded in The Netherlands to prevent unnecessary hospital visits and improve the patient experience. Now, Luscii is being actively used in 7 countries, such as Ireland, Sweden & the UK, and 50% of Dutch hospitals rely on it. With 190,000 daily users only in The Netherlands and 15 million virtual care interactions in the first half of 2020, Luscii was a medical guide to manage and understand COVID19. With 97% of patients satisfied with this telehealth service, Luscii is a great example of how a digital transformation in healthcare can benefit all.

20% fewer hospitalizations

An ePatient system used in Portugal has been a life-saver during the COVID19 pandemic as well. With advanced remote patient management systems, home care was easier than ever and healthcare professionals could communicate with each other over the application. Its centralized database for patient management and real-time feedback features led to a more than 75% reduction in the average shift handover time as well as more than 20% fewer hospitalizations.

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A Critical Step to Adapt the European Union to Digital Healthcare

Another eHealth service implementation has been introduced by the German Parliment enabling health insurance firms to prescribe health applications to personal electronics. This implementation is “world-first” as the German Health Minister Jens Spahn highlighted and is a critical step for adapting the rest of the European Union to digital healthcare services. Currently, in Hessen, Germany, an electronic portal to manage digital prescriptions is in the works. The portal aims to provide video consultation services and prescriptions with options to send those prescriptions to a registered pharmacy. The creators stated that “the security and governance of data exchange” have been a priority throughout the development of this technology and that “each transaction can be treated as a legal document”.

As we explore case-studies from around the world, it is evident that the transformation in healthcare is a need and digital healthcare is the inevitable solution.

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