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Fully Integrated Systems

SpiroHome and SpiroClinic spirometers and mobile apps are connected to the SpiroCloud web-dashboard. Whether patients are tracked remotely from their home or perform tests in the clinic, data is centralized for monitoring and analysis on the SpiroCloud platform. SpiroCloud and its integrated technologies remove barriers to lung function testing.

Telehealth Solutions - Telehealth & Integrations - EHR - API - SDK

Telehealth & Integrations

Fully integrated spirometers, mobile apps, and web dashboard system solution with EHR, API, and SDK integration options.

Telehealth Solutions - Clinical Accuracy at Home - SpiroCloud

Clinical Accuracy at Home

With its ultrasonic flow measurement technology, Inofab Health spirometers mean high accuracy spirometry every time. All results obtained via spirometers are accessible via the SpiroCloud data base.

Telehealth Solutons - Easy User Interface - Spirohome Mobile App

Easy User Interface

The SpiroHome mobile app provides virtual guidance, error code detection and session quality grading to improve and report on spirometry technique.

Telehealth Solutions - Perks of Cloud Database

Perks of Cloud Database

Using a cloud database means unlimited number of patients and data storage for clinics.

Telehealth Solutions - Experience Virtual Spirometry - Spirocloud

Experience Virtual Spirometry

Patients can be guided by their doctors virtually in real-time
during spirometry tests for accurate and reliable data collection.

Software Integrations


API Integration

With Application Programming Interface, API, integrations, keep patient data in sync by integrating Inofab Health app solutions to your’s.


EHR Integration

Use Electronic Health Record, EHR, integrations to integrate Inofab Health solutions to your own patient management database.


SDK Integration

Integrate Bluetooth enabled Inofab Health spirometers to your own software via our Software Development Kit, SDK.

Spiroclinic Compact - Digitalize Your Respiratory Clinic

Digitalize Your Respiratory Clinic

Faster and easier lung function tests with the world’s most advanced professional spirometer. Digitalize hospitals, health clinics, and research centers into the palm of your hand.

Spiroclinic Pro - The Future of Clinical Spirometry

The Future of Clinical Spirometry

With its smart dock and integration to hospital electronic health records, SpiroClinic Pro provides you a professional state-of-the art ultrasonic spirometry experience.

Spirohome Personal - Pocket-size Solution for Your Lung-sized Problem!

Pocket-size Solution
for Your Lung-sized Problem!

Conduct lung function tests at home and track your lung health trends with the world's first personal ultrasonic spirometer.