Spiroclinic Pro - Ultrasonic Spirometry Platform for Clinics

Ultrasonic Spirometry Platform for Clinics

Faster and easier lung function tests with the world’s most advanced professional spirometer. Digitalize hospitals, health clinics, and research centers into the palm of your hand.

Spiroclinic Pro - Smart - Safe - Accurate

Smart. Safe. Accurate.

Highest accuracy and lowest maintenance with state-of-the art ultrasonic spirometry.

Spiroclinic - Smart Dock

Smart Dock

Auto-senses temperature, humidity, pressure, device connectivity, and more before testing, directly transmitting them to the software. No need for the operator to manually enter necessary values.


Test and Toss- BVF Compatible

Reduce any contamination risk and keep your patients safe by using single-use bacterial-viral filters (BVF).

Spiroclinic - Expand Your Clinic, Expand Your Reach

Expand Your Clinic, Expand Your Reach

Register an unlimited number of patients with SpiroClinic Pro. Simplify spirometry, streamline patient management, and scale-up clinical studies with the SpiroHome Clinic App. Then go a step further with SpiroCloud integration. Via our remote patient monitoring web-based platform SpiroCloud, track the spirometry test results of an unlimited number of patients over FEV1, FVC, FEV1/FVC, parameters over days, months, and years. Reach patient records with a simple touch.

integrate-your-spiroclinic Pro-to-hospital-ehr-systems

Integrate Your SpiroClinic Pro to Hospital EHR Systems

You can integrate your spirometer to hospital electronic health records (EHR) and streamline your patients with a simple touch! Go beyond spirometry and get a full perspective on your patient’s health by integrating Inofab Health solutions to your own patient management database.