BVFs (Bacterial Viral Filters)

Routine spirometry tests frequently require patients to inhale and exhale quite forcefully. When doing the test maneuvers, droplets may be expelled from the patient's mouth alongside their breath. This creates the risk of contamination and the way to combat this is to use bacterial viral filters (BVFs).

D14 - What are BVFs_

BVFs are consumable items used for trapping bacteria and viruses, ensuring the prevention of any cross-contamination happening. So, they are an essential accessory in any pulmonary function lab

There are many benefits to using bacterial viral filters such as protection of breathing circuits, especially flow sensors, from contamination with droplets of saliva and mucus that may introduce errors in test measurement and contain microorganisms and protection for patients and staff from inhaling pathogens from the breathing circuitry.

Our very own SpiroClinic Pro also supports BVFs. You can learn more about the SpiroClinic Pro here, and request one for your clinic here!


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