Best Results

What are Best Results?

Technical standards determined by the Standardization of Spirometry 2019 Update are designed to help attain the best result possible for each patient. This is why, in any spirometry test, it is key to learn what is the best result for each parameter among all the trials, and have a representation for the best trial overall.

SpiroClinic Pro - Best Results

After completing the required 3 to 8 trials by the Standardization of Spirometry 2019 Update and completing the spirometry session, the SpiroClinic App will show a results page, from which you can get a PDF report

Within the report, the first result section is an overall showing of the best results for each parameter gathered from all the trials done in the session. This information is followed by the predicted values, reference points, LLN and z-Scores and then a breakdown of all the parameters measured in each of the trials. 

In one of the following sections, there is one for graphics that shows the best trial of the session as well, along with the other trials and predicted values.

The next pages are reserved for a more detailed list of the best results in the same manner as above, followed by one best result graphic and then graphics of each of the trials. 


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